The Flash Quiz: Who Killed Who?

Death is never the end... except for these characters.

The CW

Using Arrow as its jumping off point, The Flash was able to hit the ground running, with a ready-made reality negating the need for the same laborious degree of world-building as the Arrowverse founder. This allowed the show to start playing with timelines and dimensions early on, expanding out into the multiverse - a potentially infinite series of parallel realities, from whence many friends and enemies come to die.

The Flash has had its fair share of death and heartbreak across just six short years, whether it's the archetypal tragic backstory of the DC hero or the many friends and loves lost along the path to becoming the fastest man alive.

Timelines have merged, pasts have been rewritten and old friends and enemies have been brought back to life, in one form or another. Amongst a colourful cadre of resurrections are Zoom as Black Flash, Reverse-Flash in a couple of new faces, an ever-revolving cast of Wells-based characters (any excuse to keep Tom Cavanagh on the payroll) and literally everyone when The Spectre (Oliver Queen) restores the multiverse.

Here, however, it's time to look at those characters who ultimately stay dead in the end. No take-backs.

This is a tough one, so hop in your red jumpsuit and get your running shoes ready - you'll have to be quick to catch the culprit and determine who really killed who in The Flash.

1. Who Killed Nora Allen?


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