The Flash: Ranking Every Season From Worst To Best

Which of The Flash's six seasons made it to the finish line?

The CW

The Flash has become a staple of television over the past decade, quickly eclipsing its own parent show to become the most popular superhero series on television today.

A vehicle for DC Comics' Scarlet Speedster, it gave longtime fans of Barry Allen the chance to see him light up the small screen for the first time in decades, while also giving Arrow fans the chance to experience another new layer of the ever-growing Arrowverse. And what an ambitious layer it turned out to be.

Grant Gustin's leather-clad hero has been tearing up the pavement of Central City for over five years now and though there have been some roadblocks along the way, that hasn't stopped The CW series from amassing a loyal fanbase devoted to both the characters and the adventures they embark on each and every week.

Six seasons in, Barry and Team Flash have practically seen it all. Or maybe not as the show will return for a seventh at the beginning of next year. And with that in mind, let's take this hiatus period to reflect on all of its seasons thus far and ultimately see how they stack up against each other.

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