The Flash Season 2: 12 Questions We're Asking After Flash Of Two Worlds

A familiar face - and question - appears again.

Two different versions of its hero. The multiverse. The power to throw lightning bolts. The Flash certainly doesn't like to take things slow, and it followed hot on the heels of last week's Season 2 premiere, The Man Who Saved Central City, wasting little time in further expanding the world of the show and introducing the new characters. We got two in this episode, Jay Garrick (briefly glimpsed last week) and Patty Spivot, both taken from the comics and here to help out Barry Allen and the STAR Labs team. It was another strong episode, which gave us a few answers that we needed from the previous one. It confirmed that it was indeed Zoom who Jay was coming to warn Barry about, returned Caitlin very much to the lab, showed us a bit more of Cisco's abilities, and right at the very end told us just what a certain returning character (who had been presumed dead) is now up to. However, while we got these answers, it opened up a whole lot of questions as well. Some of these may be solved fairly quickly, while others are likely to run throughout the season, but all of them are intriguing and leave us demanding to know more.

12. How Did Jay Lose His Powers?

It's revealed that Jay Garrick arrived on this world a few months ago when the singularity opened (along with his helmet, which ended up at STAR Labs). He's since spent that time researching Team Flash and finding out about them, which is how he knows their names and where to find them. He's here to help, but there's just one problem. Jay no longer has any powers. He has lost his speed, and shows no signs of being connected to the Speed Force. This leads to Barry not trusting him (all he needed to do was mention the helmet), and the character himself admits he doesn't know what happened to make him lose his powers. Was it simply going through the singularity into another world that caused it, or was there something else? If the former, would that mean any speedster could lose their powers when travelling between worlds? And how come it hasn't happened to the other metahumans Zoom is sending through?

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