The Flash Season 3: 7 Theories On Savitar's True Identity

Which of Team Flash is the secret villain this time?

The Flash Season 3 Savitar
The CW

Another season of The Flash, another speedster villain whose true identity is unknown to the STAR Labs gang. Unlike previous years, however, season three is making a much bigger deal out of the mystery. 18 episodes into the season and we still don't know the true identity of Barry Allen's current nemesis, Savitar, the God of Speed.

We have got a lot of clues as to who is hiding under the silver armour over the season, though. We know that the legends about Savitar say that he is the first speedster and derives his powers from the Philosopher's Stone.

Originally, it was stated that he comes to challenge a speedster who is coming close to his power. However, later on in the season, it is revealed that his rivalry with the Flash is more personal, as future Barry trapped Savitar in the Speed Force for "eternity."

We know that Savitar is intimately familiar with Team Flash and he has explicitly stated that he has lived the events of this season before. It seems likely, then, that Savitar - like Reverse-Flash and Zoom before him - is actually a member of Team Flash. But which one is he? Thankfully, the wait is almost over as it has been confirmed that next week's episode will finally reveal Savitar's face.

Before the truth comes out, then, let's take a look at some of the biggest contenders.

7. Jay Garrick

The Flash Season 3 Savitar
The CW

What? John Wesley Shipp's wise old speedster could be Savitar? Say it ain't so! Well, no, it probably isn't, but he is a possible contender.

The biggest piece of evidence that suggests Jay could be Savitar is that he is currently stuck in the Speed Force - just as Savitar used to be. Obviously, Jay is only in there because he voluntarily took Wally's place, but who knows what the horrors of the Speed Force could have done to his mind during his imprisonment? Perhaps he goes mad and starts to resent Barry for his role in putting him there?

There is also the fact that Savitar is known as "the first speedster" to consider. In the comics, Jay Garrick is the first Flash. Though he is from an alternate universe - Earth-3, to be exact - in the TV show, the character's age could mean that he gained his speed before Barry. Which would still make him the first speedster.

On the other hand, the reveal that Jay Garrick is actually the season's big bad has already been pulled - as Hunter Zolomon pretended to be Jay in season two. And frankly, comic book fans would probably go crazy if The Flash turned the real Jay evil as well.

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