The Flash Season 3: 8 Speedsters Who Should Appear

7. Johnny Quick

The Flash speedsters
Warner Bros.

The first Johnny Quick was a Golden Age superhero, but it’s the second Johnny who is the more intriguing and likely potential new addition for The Flash.

As part of the nefarious Crime Syndicate, the second Johnny Quick is a superpowered villain from Earth-3. The Crime Syndicate themselves are an alternative, villainous take on the Justice League, and Quick is a key component of the team and their plans for dominating their own world and any other realms that they can stamp their mark on.

Seeing Johnny Quick turning up in Earth-1’s Central City to battle Barry Allen would make for some brilliant and breathtaking moments if handled correctly, particularly if the show chose to have things play out how the pair’s most famous comic book battle played out: with Barry working Quick up to such intense power usage and speed that he collapsed with exhaustion.

Similarly, a later reinvention of the Johnny Quick rogue had him receive his powers courtesy of the Speed Juice drug, much like how Season 2 of The Flash utilized Velocity 9. This reinvented take on the villain had him butting heads with the Wally West version of The Flash - something which could be explored with the televisual Wally at some point.

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