The Flash Season 5 Premiere: 6 Ups & 2 Downs From 'Nora'


6. No Time Jump

The Flash S5 Nora
The CW

The season premieres of The CW's Arrowverse shows often tend to follow a repetitive format that almost always sees the main characters enjoying some kind of reprieve before they're thrust back into craziness with the arrival of a new Big Bad. This break comes in the form of the respective show's summer hiatus, making us believe that the villains of each city are considerate enough to allow our heroes the summer off before they kickstart their reign of terror in the winter. You'd think by now that the good guys should be ready for all hell to just inexplicably break loose in October?

Thankfully, The Flash's Season 5 premiere bucked this trend once and for all. Not only did it not skip out a few months to jump to real-time, it picked up right were the Season 4 finale left off. Thus, we weren't robbed of any time with the newly-arrived Nora West-Allen and got to see the awkward continuation of the moment that she revealed herself to her parents.

The fact that no time jump took place also allowed us to follow Nora's journey and, just as Barry described, be there to enjoy every first that she experienced. It also made for an incredibly refreshing season premiere that promised to be a little bit different than its predecessors.

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