The Flash Season 5: What Does The Ending To 'Cause And XS' Really Mean?

1. Life Is Not A Sprint, It's A MaraThawne

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The unexpected return of Eobard Thawne this season shook the show to its very foundations. Not only was it intriguing that he was once again wearing Harrison Wells' face, it was confusing as to how the heck he was still alive (seriously, how are you not dead, man?) and, more importantly, why was he working with Nora West-Allen.

The Season 1 Big Bad eventually revealed that, in the limited time he had left, he wanted to leave behind a better legacy. He no longer wanted to be seen as the cold-blooded murderer who killed Barry Allen's mother and framed his father and, because of this, he took Nora under his wing and agreed to help her do the one thing that nobody else could: Save The Flash.

Now that we know Eobard is offering his knowledge to Nora in an attempt to help her prevent the Crisis from claiming Barry, it raises even more suspicions about his own motivations. In fact, his involvement alone raises suspicions as the show has been foreshadowing this from the very beginning.

Iris West-Allen's infamous 2024 article from the Central City Citizen states that The Flash vanishes in the midst of an "epic street battle with the Reverse-Flash". So, it doesn't take a time-traveller to figure out that Eobard's sudden involvement in this whole family affair doesn't bode well for Barry Allen.

You'd be hard-pressed to find any Flash fan who doesn't know that Thawne is the Scarlet Speedster's greatest nemesis. From their legendary battles in the comics to their exceptionally-paced saga in the TV show's first season, these two have collided in just about every medium imaginable. Thus, the hatred between the pair is well-documented.

Having already intricately attempted to destroy him once before, it's possible that he's simply doing it all over again, and manipulating Nora in the process - which begs the question: Is Thawne actually trying to save Barry or is he slowly trying to ensure his destruction?


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