The Flash Season 6: 7 Theories On The Identity Of The New Big Bad

A threat from the multiverse or Batman himself - just who is The Flash's next villain?

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The Flash has been speeding his way up and down the streets of Central City for over five years now, protecting the citizens from any forthcoming danger and ultimately becoming the Arrowverse's most beloved superhero.

During that time, however, he has gone up against some of the most evil threats the multiverse has ever known, including evil doppelgangers and deadly aliens. That being said, the show hasn't always hit the ground running when it comes to choosing its Big Bads.

While the first season produced what may be the greatest ever TV villain with Reverse-Flash, it kick-started a reliance on speedsters that overtook the following two seasons. Unfortunately changing things up would only make things worse as the more recent offerings had to rely solely on non-speedster duds like DeVoe and Cicada. And that brings us to Season 6.

With the show currently on its summer hiatus, little to no information is known about its next Big Bad at this time. However, there are a number of intriguing options that are absolutely worth exploring.

Three speedsters, one Thinker and two metahuman-slayers, Barry Allen has faced it all... but just who will he take on next?

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