The Flash Season 6 Review: 3 Ups & 3 Downs From 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'

A major character is killed off as Cisco steals the show in the latest episode of The Flash.

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Contains spoilers from The Flash Season 6, Episode 5.

Ever since finding out that he's destined to perish in the upcoming Crisis, Barry Allen hasn't really struggled with accepting his future. In a way, he's embraced it - knowing that his sacrifice will save everyone he loves from death. What he has struggled with, however, has been figuring out a way to prepare those loved ones for what very much seems to be the inevitable: A World Without The Flash.

That's really what the majority of The Flash Season 6 has been about, as it has so far managed to juggle its current Bloodwork-centric story with the overarching Crisis theme really well, with each episode focusing on the Scarlet Speedster's attempts to train or test his friends to see how they'd cope in situations without him.

One of said characters is Cisco Ramon, as Team Flash's resident whiz kid refused to accept the responsibility of being the new leader of that team because he refused to accept Barry's death as a certainty. And that very much carried over into this week's installment, as Cisco got a chance to shine.

Though it was marred by a very questionable decision, 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' managed to further Cisco's arc effectively, setting the stage for a show-stealing performance from Carlos Valdes.

First, the negatives...

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