The Flash: The IMPOSSIBLE Quiz!

Only the greatest speedster could outrun this quiz.

The CW

Over half a decade has passed since The Flash first sped its way onto our screens and the show is still going strong. About to embark on its seventh season, it now leads the Arrowverse into a new era - but as tall a task as that is, nobody is better suited to it than the Scarlet Speedster.

The CW's long-running superhero drama has given life to one of DC Comics' most beloved - and yet underrated - heroes, giving Barry Allen, his heart of gold and his ultra-fast feet a chance to endear himself to viewers - something that he successfully achieves on a weekly basis.

No doubt one of the most popular superhero shows on TV, The Flash has seen its lightning-fast hero take on an abundance of villains throughout its run, with Barry and his team going up against the Reverse-Flash, The Thinker, Zoom, Bloodwork, Savitar and, of course, the infamous Rogues as he attempted to keep Central City safe from their wrath.

The show has established a strong fanbase over the years, but just how well do you know it? Can you separate your Cicadas from your speedsters and ace this supersonic quiz? Let's find out...

Answers at the end!

1. Who Was The First Person To Discover That Barry Is The Flash?


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