The Flash: You'll Never Get 100% On This Iris West Quiz!

How well do you know The Flash's lighting rod?

The CW

They say every hero is only as good as the team behind them and The Flash is the perfect example of that. The Arrowverse's Scarlet Speedster may just be the greatest hero to ever make his presence felt on the small screen but he wouldn't have gotten there without the help of the incomparable Team Flash.

Among them is the brilliant mind of Cisco Ramon, the endless knowledge of Caitlin Snow and the unlimited supply of genius that comes from the unlimited supply of Harrison Wells. And then there's his muse, his lighting rod: Iris West-Allen.

But throughout her six seasons on the show thus far, Iris have proven to be so much more than just Barry Allen's love interest. She's been a budding reporter, a fully-fledged member of Team Flash (and was even its leader at one point) and even a masked speedster before she finally ascended to the role of investigative journalist and editor of her own newspaper.

Candice Patton has done a sensational job bringing Iris to life, but just how well do you really know The Flash's leading lady? Can you use your investigative skills to answer these questions or will this mystery leave you requiring assistance from the Speed Force? Let's find out...

Answers at the end!

1. What Is The Name Of The Newspaper Iris Sets Up In Season 6?


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