The Friends Ex-Files Quiz: Which One Of Monica's Exes Said It?

"I needed a plan, a plan to get over my man. And what's the opposite of man? Jam."


Like sunshine follows rain, Monica follows Ross. The fourth instalment in the Friends Ex-Files quiz series (you can check out Chandler and Rachel's entries, if you've got more time to kill) features everyone's real favourite of the six Friends, the perkiest, most competitive OCD clean freak in sitcom history.

Like Chandler, Monica effectively went off the market at the end of season four, so the field isn't as wide open as it is for some of the others. However, unlike Chandler, Monica was actually capable of getting a date without some mad astrological conjunction taking place first, so she has a few more to choose from than he does.

Again, for the purposes of this Friends quiz we're defining 'ex' as anyone who Monica was romantically involved with, from kissing to full-on relationships and all points in between. Except food. Food isn't love... it just tastes like it.

So, can you guess which quote goes with which ex? Just how big a Friends nerd are you? 1000 Internet Points if you make it to 100%!

Answers at the end!

1. "If You're Asking Me To Quit, Then You're Asking Me To Be Someone I'm Not."


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