The Gilmore Girls: Progressively Harder Lorelai Quiz

How much do you know about the unstoppable Lorelai Gilmore? Let's find out!

Gilmore Girls Lorelai
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As a teenager Lorelai Gilmore decided to find her independence when she left home at just 17 years old. A single mother with no experience of the real world, she built a new home for herself in the quaint and weirdly wonderful town of Stars Hollow.

Lorelai and her daughter Rory found a family among the townspeople of Stars Hollow. Taking part in all the activities from the living art festival to the picnic basket auction. Lorelai even hosted all her friends for the Bracebridge dinner at the Inn when the original guests could no longer make it.

Lorelai's unique aspect on life made her a popular addition to Stars Hollow and she coudn’t imagine living anywhere else.

How much do you know about the unstoppable Lorelai Gilmore? Only the biggest fans of Gilmore Girls have what it takes to answer all 12 of these questions about Lorelai.

Do you remember the name of the Inn that Lorelai bought and managed with Sookie? Can you recall which singer Lorelai's quirky dog was named after?

Very few fans of the show will have what it takes to answer every single one of these questions correctly? Will you manage to get them all correct? Let's find out!

1. What Beverage Does Lorelai Love?


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