The Good Place Season 2 Finale: 9 Big Questions That Must Be Answered In Season 3

Holy mother forking shirt balls.


The Good Place brought its staggeringly good run to a close last week, in a finale that blew up the show's entire premise for about the 800th time.

Mike Schur's afterlife sitcom has proved a remarkable creation, seemingly reaching its zenith with that marvellous reveal in the Season 1 finale and somehow getting even better in Season 2.

It is the smartest, funniest, and outright best sitcom on television right now, something that was further confirmed by its finale, Somewhere Else. Once again the show took some huge risks and delivered some big surprises, and left things in a very interesting place for the third season (which we have to wait until fall for).

While mouths were agape and viewers were left screaming 'holy mother forking shirt balls' at the TVs, The Good Place's Season 2 finale left a number of big questions to be answered when the show does return. Spoilers ahead.

9. Will We Get To The Real Good Place In Season 3?

The Good Place

So far we've had two seasons of a sitcom called The Good Place and, despite that title, have yet to actually visit the real version of it. Yes, sure, the real Good Place is the friends we made along the way, but the actual heaven does (as far as we know!) exist.

It made sense to not see it in Season 1, since that was the whole trick, and Season 2 was about them trying to get there. You'd imagine we have to see it eventually, so will that be Season 3, or will Schur and co keep finding new ways to deviate from that course?

Even if we don't get there, might we even just see someone who comes from there, to at least confirm that, yes, it exists and is as lovely as they imagine? The Good Place zigs when you expect it to zag, so really, it's completely up in the air.


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