The Hardest Bob's Burgers Quiz On The Internet

Anybody with 100% correct gets a free burger of the day!

Bobs Burgers Louise

It might be surprising for some when you realise Bob's Burgers has been going for over ten years now, with more than 200 episodes to binge on. This milestone is thoroughly deserved as creator Loren Bouchard and the voice cast were so committed to the animated sitcom, they conveyed a funny, exciting and heartfelt show, which eventually stood out above the rest.

Naturally in the space of such a long time, so much has happened within the show - new relationships, new characters introduced, new misadventures and plenty of wild events occurring to the Belchers, from almost drowning under the Wharf pier to being held prisoner on a cruise ship.

The show's producers have been able to keep the series fresh and interesting because of the various storylines and consistently good characterisation of the Belchers.

However, because Bob's Burgers is jammed with so many brilliant moments, it's sometimes hard to keep up with all of it. This quiz will determine how well you know the Belcher family and all their odd acquaintances. Only a true fan of the show can score 100%.

Answers at the end!

1. What Was The Name Of The Owner Of The Touch N' Sea Aquarium?


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