The HARDEST Chandler Bing Friends Quiz Ever!

Chandler diehards need only apply.


The debate over who is the best Friends character has raged passionately for literally a quarter-century, but the single character who tends to top most of the major polls? None other than Chandler freaking Bing.

Played with just enough charming snark by Matthew Perry, his relentless use of sarcasm as a defense mechanism makes him perhaps the show's most relatable character. Underneath his jokey exterior, he's vulnerable and plagued with self-doubt in ways that feel totally true to life.

He's also played host to many of Friends' most hilarious, unforgettable, and simply iconic moments, from hysterical one-liners to incredible visual gags and everything else in-between.

But across the show's ten seasons and almost 250 episodes, it's understandable if you've forgotten almost as much as you've learned about Chandler over the years.

This epically tough Chandler Bing quiz will separate the casuals from the hardcore fans, because you'll need every episode drilled into your brain to get 100%.

The results are at the end as always, so good luck!

1. What Is Chandler's Middle Name?


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