The Hardest Friends Quiz On The Internet: Who Lost It?

The One With All The Losers.

Friends Joey

Rachel: You are a pathetic loser right?

Chandler: Oh yeah!

Rachel: Sit!

If you recall this conversation, then you are not a loser, not in our eyes, as you definitely saw the legendary sitcom Friends or even better, you are a devoted fan.

In between horrible dates, job challenges, friendship turbulences, fights and breakups, Friends proved that losing is a norm, part of life that one cannot avoid. No matter if you lost the love of your life, your job, your old friend, the comic book you made when you were a child or simply you lost at poker, the important thing is to have someone by your side. And if you don't, you know you can always stream Friends and find five adults that are always there for you, Chandler will be there, too. He might be a little late, but he'll be there. And he'll bring you some cold soda if that's what you need!

It's time to see if you remember all six friends that were there for each other for ten incredible seasons. Can you remember who lost what?

Answers at the end!

1. Who Lost Her Engagement Ring?


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