The Hardest Friends Quotes Quiz: Match Joey Tribbiani's Quotes To The Season

He really is a chameleon.

Friends Joey

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the wisdomous of them all?” “Joseph Francis Tribbiani Jr., Dr. Geller, is the wisdomous of them all.”

Yeah baby! The aspiring actor, who struggled with paying his bills and weighing in on conversations about unconstitutional laws, Korean war and Nobel prize nominees is, in fact, the real genius of the popular sitcom Friends.

Big Daddy was a street smart, who knew his way around the ladies. And hey, he was smart enough to date a Paleontology professor. Joey was the mastermind behind the “Moo Point” and “The Friend Zone” theories and, believe you us, it made sense. We feel that he is not given enough credit for fixing the radiator at New Year’s Eve or suggesting to get down by fire escape while Ross was hopelessly shouting for help.

What Joey needs is a complete set of encyclopaedias and lessons of French. However even without them, the Italian guy had many scenes, remarkable quotes and moments that made his presence worthwhile. Well, let’s see if you can match those quotes to the correct season...

1. "Well, That's Like Summer In A Bowl."


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