The Hardest Friends Quotes Quiz: Match Rachel Green's Quotes To The Season

Is it a sarcasm? Is it a metaphor? Nobody knows!

Friends Rachel Green

Friends is a sitcom that will last for a lifetime. It spread like a universal virus in 1994 and continues its victorious raid even now. The one liners and quotes from the show are still being cited in pop culture.

Although the wizard of sharp one liners is believed to be the legendary Chandler Bing, other members of the iconic Central Perk customers had their own memorable sayings. For instance, people never seem to give Rachel Green enough credit for her quotes as they do for her looks, outfits and haircut. But that's not fair. Monica Geller's roommate is the on-screen embodiment of a woman who can be both gorgeous and intelligent. She was into her looks as much as into her well-chosen comebacks, especially when they were directed to her on-and-off again lobster, Ross Geller.

With this quiz, we aim to honour the contribution of Ray Ray to the world. Let's see if you can guess which season these quotes come from. All of them are mind products of a person who came up with the "I don't want to be a shoe, I want to be a hat" metaphor.

1. "I Realised I Was More Turned On By This Gravy Boat Than Barry."


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