The HARDEST Futurama Quiz On The Internet!

Sweet llamas of the Bahamas!


Born from the success of The Simpsons, Futurama strives to outgrow and out-achieve its progenitor. One shackle it will never shake off is where it came from and it shall always be compared to the yellow skinned family show. In certain aspects Futurama will always be in The Simpsons shadow. The Simpsons can appeal to a broader audience with its more family appropriate humor and characters.

Futurama has in many ways surpassed The Simpsons though, with linear story telling, better character development and more intelligent humor... not to mention the complete plunge into Sci-Fi that The Simpsons could only dip its toe into.

But how well do you think you know the adventures of the Planet Express employees and their many adventures in the name of intergalactic deliveries? Try to beat the HARDEST Futurama quiz on the internet!

Answers are at the end!

1. What Species Is Nibbler?


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