The Hardest Game Of Thrones Quiz On The Internet

No One Will Get 100%.


Now Game of Thrones has finished, we can bask in its glory and wallow in its final season. Changing the landscape of Television forever, it has forever altered what is possible on the small screen, bringing us some of the finest battles ever seen both small screen and large, and gave us some of the most beloved and well-drawn characters in history.

After an unprecedentedly popular 8 season run, for the most part, at least, it brought people together and remained a hallmark in everyone's year, waiting for that next season to bring us more betrayal and more laughs than before. A show that was as 3 dimensional as it was gruesome, the depth to the story and the characters had people rewatching and scouring the internet for more.

Proving to be one of the most popular Television shows of all time, it's no wonder that we have prequel HBO shows on the way, and it has people reaching for their NOW TV subscription plans and George RR Martin books more than ever.

With plenty of material to discuss, people really believe they are the masters of all knowledge Game of Thrones. People pride themselves on their ability to list off this fact and that, so here we have devised a quiz that NO ONE will get 100% on. You win or you die with this one. Prove your worth.

Answers at the end!

1. Where Was Robb Stark’s Wife, Talisa Maegyr, Raised?


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