The HARDEST It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: Name The Episode From Just One Line

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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Heyooo. Quiz is in the house! Quiz is in the house! Quiz is in the house!

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is one of the longest running TV shows of all time. Since 2005, this hilarious sitcom featuring five extremely dysfunctional friends has racked up a total of 154 episodes in 15 seasons. The greatest thing about the show, other than watching the gang completely fall apart mentally with each passing season, is just how incredibly quotable it is. Who among us hasn't busted out some sweet karate chop moves on the dancefloor or victoriously proclaimed to be The Golden God after fooling everyone in Among Us?

Written and produced by the stars of the show - Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton, IASIP has not only improved with age, but the foreshadowing, hidden jokes and interweaving storylines means that there is always something new to discover when rewatching the show. Whether it's watching Dennis turn into a psychopath, Mac finally embracing his homosexuality or seeing Rickety Cricket slowly but surely turn into a dog, the show has so many laugh out loud moments that it will go down as one of the greatest sitcoms of all time.

So if you think you know your Dayman from your Nightman, your Fight Milk from your Wolf Cola and your worm hats from your Wermhats, then please try the toughest IASIP quiz on the internet.

1. Frank: Can I Offer You An Egg In This Trying Time?


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