The Hardest Naruto Quiz On The Internet

Good luck achieving 100% on this Naruto quiz!

Naruto Fight

Naruto is one the most successful anime of all time. It had a huge impact on every anime addict. Certainly, it stands out from the crowd and made an evolution of the genre with its mind blowing plot, action, compelling characters and imaginative ninja world.

Having 720 series, this anime will never make you feel bored. Besides, the story of the young ninja can give you a huge dose of motivation to become more diligent and never give up. So, if you feel discouraged or blue, you can always watch Naruto to restore faith in your own strength and become a better version of yourself. These are the very qualities that set Naruto apart from others and make it so binge-worthy.

We all agree that every episode of the legendary anime is a life lesson about friendship and loyalty taught by guru-shinobis. Well, take this quiz and see whether you took the class seriously or not. Just keep in mind that only a hardcore fan can achieve 100% on this quiz. Good luck!

Answers at the end!

1. Who Showed He Actually Cared For Naruto's Well-Being ?


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