The Hardest Schitt's Creek True Or False Quiz

Gossip is the devil's telephone. Best to just hang up!

Schitt's Creek

A family of millionaires - Johnny Rose, his wife Moira, and their children David and Alexis are completely ruined and forced to move into the only property they have left. Ironically, it turns out to be a whole city. However, it wasn't a huge metropolis with skyscrapers, but a run-down settlement called Schitt’s Creek.

Gradually, the family settles down in a new place, joins the hectic life of the wonderful town, and becomes a permanent part of it. They make many unexpected and strange acquaintances, those whom in their past life they would not have even approached!

There is the mayor of the town, Roland and his wife Jocelyn, the administrator of the motel Stevie, the waitress Twyla and many others. All of these people fill the already difficult life of the Rose family with real madness.

The series was filled with light, crazy and positive humour. But the question for today is, just how well do you remember the life of the Rose family at Schitt’s Creek? Will you be able to ace this true or false Schitt's Creek quiz?

1. Moira And David Attempted To Sell Make-Up From The Brand Allez Vous.


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