The Hardest Sons Of Anarchy Quiz On The Internet!

Gotta do this quiz, before you die!


Loyalty to your friends and family is the most important and consistent theme in Sons Of Anarchy. The brotherhood known as SAMCRO would mostly die before they sold out or betrayed any of their own. Which makes sense really considering the alternative is to be killed for doing so. The sons seem to generally feel strongly about everything, the good and the bad it would seem.

The show ran on television for for six years and seven seasons, packed with many highs and lows. From the love and joy of many successes the motorcycle club experienced together to the devastating deaths and many setbacks thrust upon them, we were right there through it all. There was not much space to breathe as problems consistently increased and escalated as the series moved on.

How much of a Sons Of Anarchy fan do you consider yourself to be? Can you take on the HARDEST quiz on the internet?

Answers are at the end!

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