The Hardest Supernatural Quiz On The Internet!

How well do you know the dark and devilish adventures of the Winchester boys?

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The CW

They say all good things must end, and CW's blockbuster show Supernatural followed suit back in November 2019. But the show's end doesn't mean the end of love for the characters and the beloved story.

Considering that the Winchester brothers have already featured in comics, novels, anime, and even Scooby-Doo, the Supernatural fandom and the love for the beloved characters will never die.

Supernatural is the longest-running live-action fantasy TV show in the history of American television. In those ludicrous hours of television across 15 full seasons, audiences have seen Dean and Sam battle all kinds of nefarious threats and monstrous beasts while witnessing friends become enemies, enemies becoming friends and all manner of supernatural plot twists being played out.

And while die-hard fans will claim to remember all those storylines by heart, 320 episodes of a mystery drama are a lot to account for, and minor details are bound to slip the mind. So, here's a quiz to test the real Supernatural fan in you. Can you score 100% and establish your status as an honorary part of the family and a true member of Men of Letters?

Well, are you willing to take it or have you lost your chickens?

1. Who Killed Kate And Adam Milligan Assuming Their Forms?


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