The Impossible DC's Legends Of Tomorrow Quiz

This team of misfits may not be Heroes, but they are the Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends Of Tomorrow Rip Hunter Captain Cold atom

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is the fourth Arrowverse series originally airing in 2016.

This ragtag team of misfits, crooks and outcasts have fought everything from an immortal neanderthal to the Legion of Doom and a plethora of Demons and damned souls. With the aid of the Waverider, the team travels across history to correct errors and maintain the timeline.

Originally consisting of previously established characters like White Canary and Captain Cold, the team's line up is constantly changing as members leave or die and new characters join the Legend's ranks. The Legends are a mixture of metahumans, magical characters, tech-based heroes and highly trained warriors. The wide dynamic of power sets, along with the inherent nature of time travel, allows the show to explore a wide variety of themes and topics whilst still fitting in with the tone of the Arrowverse.

Initially, the series received mixed to average reviews. Legends of Tomorrow struggled to find its footing amongst the other shows like Arrow, Flash and Supergirl, which already had their own niche. However, as the show leaned into a more comical direction, the series improved critically and found its audience. Now, Legends of Tomorrow has five seasons under its belt, with a sixth set to air in May 2021.

With season six just around the corner, it's time to test your knowledge on the Legends of Tomorrow.

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