The IMPOSSIBLE Dragon Ball Z Quiz

You'll probably wish you had all seven right about now!

Goku  dragonball z
Toei Animation

When Dragon Ball debuted in 1986 it immediately garnered attention from it's then exclusively Japanese audience, but no one could foresee the impact of it's subsequent sequel series which demanded the attention of these same viewers.

Unlike it's predecessor though it's mainstream popularity flooded the zeitgeist; with this iteration becoming nothing short of a global phenomenon. With Dragonball Z redefining what would go on to be the most dynamic change in animation, prime-time television and mainstream media for generations to come.

Even 34 years after the seminal Dragon Ball franchise was brought to fruition it's seemingly still an overly impracticable concept to even consider a time when there would be a lack of news, releases or even just a mere mention of the father of modern shonen's presence.

Simply due to the sheer iconography of the series and it's place in the history books being firmly cemented. It should go without saying that this franchise contains an unprecedented amount of content; never being content to throw the towel in.

In contrast to Akira Toriyama's seminal piece of fiction this quiz may require you to throw the towel in almost immediately. It's time to find out if you're feeling Super Saiyan or super inadequate.

1. Chronologically, Who Was The First Super Saiyan?


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