The Impossible Friends True Or False Quiz

It’s one thing to know that Joey likes Pizza but quite another to answer these questions.

Friends cast

If you’re one of those who forever finds themselves sitting in front of the countless Friends re-runs, this is the perfect quiz for you.

So many of us have found ourselves plonked down on the sofa, realising an episode of Friends is on, then before you know it it’s six hours later and you’ve somehow watched 12 or 13 episodes back to back.

Not even the most optimistic of executives could’ve imagined how successful Friends would go on to become when the series aired for the first time in 1994. For ten seasons and 236 episodes, Friends went from strength to strength, cementing its place as one of the greatest shows in history.

Here, we’ve got what many would label an impossible Friends quiz, but this is all part and parcel of testing whether or not you really are as big a Friends fan as you like to believe.

It’s one thing to know that Joey likes Pizza, that Monica worked at Alessandro’s or that Phoebe’s twin sister was in porn – here there’s a true or false quiz that even the most passionate of Friends fans will struggle with!

1. Joey Appeared In Days Of Our Lives.


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