The Impossible Futurama Quiz!

The only way to pass this quiz is to have actually lived in the 31st century.

Futurama Fry
20th Television

When Futurama debuted way back in 1999, it would have been easy for it to fall into obscurity. Having to compete with The Simpsons, and airing just months after the debut of Family Guy, Matt Groening's second show had a lot to overcome.

However, thanks to a completely unique premise, 1000 years worth of technological advances to play with, and entire universes to explore, the show became incredibly popular, inspiring a loyal army of fans. Even after several cancellations, and a noticeable drop in quality over the years, there are still calls for the series to be revived to this day.

There is so much crammed into the near 150 episodes of the show. Aside from the three wonderful main characters of Fry, Bender, and Leela, and the rest of the Planet Express crew, there are more classic characters, countless alien worlds, and a LOT of simply bizarre stories and adventures.

Just how well do you know all these though? Are you a Futurama super fan? You'll have to be to get 100% on this quiz that looks at some of the most obscure moments, and tiniest details from throughout the series.

1. In Which Episode Does The Number 9 Man First Appear?


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