The Impossible Riverdale Quiz

Not even Jughead Jones could score 100% on this Riverdale quiz.

Riverdale Season 3 Header
The CW

If you want to go back to the days where emotions ruled the mind, a.k.a. adolescence without even leaving your couch, you should watch one of the most popular teen TV shows on Netflix, Riverdale. Besides the common high school intrigues, romances, family issues and teenage dramas, Riverdale entangles its audience in dark mysteries and has fans eager to find out what happens next.

At first glance, Riverdale seemed to be a sleepy little town and a safe place to live in, however it turned out to have more secrets than inhabitants. As the show progressed, the number of theories about how it's going to end increased. The mystery begins with the tragic death of Jason Blossom, the golden boy. This baffling incident steals the peace of Riverdale High School students, their parents and teachers, changing everyone's life forever, while sparking debates among the show addicts.

Well, let's forget about the confusing plot of the show and suspicious characters for a moment and focus on the given facts. Only a true Riverdale fan can score 100% on this insanely hard quiz.

1. Where Is The Riverdale High School Located?


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