The Impossible Walking Dead Quiz!

How well have you been surviving?


The Walking Dead, whether you love it or hate, it is one of the biggest TV shows in history. The show has had many ups and downs over the years, character deaths a plenty and too many moments of utter disgusting gore.

The franchise started way back in 2003 with the first issue of the comic book series and then made the jump to our screens several years later. Now, 193 issues and a decades worth of TV later, The Walking Dead is a global phenomenon. Now, with one final season of the core show confirmed (despite that still being an additional thirty episodes), and a rumoured Daryl and Carol spin-off, there's no better time to test your knowledge.

How well do you know the show? From Rick's awakening and Hershel's farm, to the Prison and Woodbury, to Alexandria's wars against Negan and the Whisperers, The Walking Dead has been on quite the journey.

So, let's cast our minds way back to the beginning, to that fateful day in the hospital, and see how much you remember!

1. What Was The Name Of Morgan's Wife?


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