The Internet's ULTIMATE Joey Tribbiani Quiz!

How well do you think you know the greatest Joey in television history?


The great thing about the television sitcom Friends is the character building that has been done. Throughout the series you see the characters begin as fairly one dimensional stereotypes. Whether it's Rachel being a privilaged socialite, Chandler being the awkward funny guy or Monica acting as the control freak, they all have their own individual journeys into more complex characters.

One character in particular that many hearts across the world have warmed to is Joey Tribbiani. Beginning as what seems to be just a typical jock-type guy only interested in women and food, he opens up over time to reveal there is much more than first impressions to him. If he is not being television's greatest best friend and room mate to Chandler, he is selflessly being the friend the rest of the gang need.

A big appeal to Joey as a character is his innocent outlook on life. This is fuel for many hilarious moments at his expense as Joey isn't the brightest candle in any room. But how clever do you think you are in comparison? Try to get 100% on the internet's ultimate Joey Tribbiani quiz!

Answers are at the end!

1. Joey Dated Janice.


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