The Last Train: 5 Reasons It Should Be Remade

The Last Train 2 A few weeks ago I was reading through the archives of Whatculture articles and came across Baz Greenland's article 15 Hidden Gems Of British TV You Probably Missed and whilst searching through for something to get into I came across number 7 on the list; The Last Train. Having never heard of this ITV classic that aired between the 7th of April 1999 and the 6th of May, I watched the series in a single sitting and lets just say it was a great piece of post-apocalyptic drama, with mystery and thriller elements that resonate throughout. The story resolves around a group who survive an apocalyptic asteroid wiping out most of humanity through the accidental intervention of a device that enables them to become cryogenically frozen, despite they do not know this to begin with. The group consists of different sets of individuals; different in age, gender, profession and even their drive to survive. The story is narrated through the diary of the young Anita Nixon, telling the survivor story which is also a journey narrative as the gang search for the near-mythical 'Ark' whilst contending with packs of rabid dogs, acid rain and a baby worshiping priest. The Last Train is grim, characters are on the verge of death during every episode. It is the sort of show which can translate well for modern audiences. Here's five reasons why it should be remade;


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