The Mandalorian: 10 Most Insane Fan Theories

9. Din Djarin And Ezra Bridger Are Brothers

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Secret family relations are the bread and butter of the Star Wars franchise. Hell, folks were speculating on Rey's true parentage as soon as the sequel trilogy started. Thus, it's no surprise that some theorists have brought the idea into The Mandalorian.

Reddit user u/cyclopseranger had some strong thoughts on the parentage of Din Djarin and linked them firmly to Star Wars Rebels protagonist Ezra Bridger. They proposed that the characters were siblings, thanks to the resemblance between their parents and a supposed correlation between their ages.

The theory states that Din did not lose his parents after being supposedly orphaned and taken in as a foundling during the Clone Wars. Instead, as per the theory, they survived the attack on their home planet of Aq Vetina but failed to find their young child afterwards, choosing instead to move to a new world for a fresh start. From there, they found their way to Lothal, where they would eventually have Ezra.

Ezra has yet to appear in live-action, but it is expected that he will someday. This theory will have to wait until then to be proven canon, but it probably shouldn't hold its breath.

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