The Mandalorian: 3 Jedi Masters Likely To Train Baby Yoda (And 3 Who Aren't)

The Mandalorian confirmed that Ahsoka won't be the one to train Grogu, so who will?

Cal Kestis Grogu

Chapter thirteen of The Mandalorian, "The Jedi" gave Star Wars fans everything they hoped for and more in the live action debut of Ahsoka Tano. But the episode also left us with a whole lot of things to think about. One of which is that Ahsoka has turned down her chance to teach little Grogu AKA Baby Yoda.

So, now that she's out of the running (at least for the moment) it's time to consider some alternatives. While she's clearly coming back and there is always a possibility that she'll change her mind, her commitment to hunting down Grand Admiral Thrawn makes it unlikely.

But that's fine because there are still quite a number of Jedi survivors as yet unaccounted for in the Star Wars galaxy. With a pending cosmic Craigslist ad soon going out into the force, there are some candidates to consider before the next episode hits Disney+...

6. Luke Skywalker - Unlikely

Cal Kestis Grogu
Del Rey/Cliff Nielsen

When it comes to training the next generation of Jedi Knights, Luke Skywalker is certainly a name that stands out. The Mandalorian takes place just six years after Return of The Jedi, so Luke is very much active in the galaxy. He wants to rebuild the Jedi order and should be the first in line to take an interest in training Grogu.

The main issue here is that Luke is maybe 30 and Mark Hamill is almost 70. Yes, with computers the clock can be rolled back in a number of ways and he could play a young Luke again. However, Grogu's master is not likely to be a one and done character. While all things are possible with the money of Disney, de-ageing Mark Hamill for an entire season or more of The Mandalorian seems a bit excessive.

There is also the possibility of recasting the role (Sebastian Stan has been fancasted as Luke before), but one other big issue with handing Grogu off to Luke is that it would mean that the character is screwed. We all know what happened to Luke's Jedi temple. He put all of his eggs in one basket and those eggs got smashed. Giving the child to Luke is essentially a death sentence and Grogu is a character fans will want to see grow up and who can be a link to the future of the franchise.

While the question of Luke will need to be addressed, it's also important to note that the showrunners have indicated that they want to keep the movie characters at arms length. Given Din's distrust of the New Republic and that Luke's an X-Wing pilot and the literal poster boy for the rebellion, the odds of him getting Baby Yoda are slim.


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