The Office And Parks & Rec Quiz: Who Said It - Toby Or Jerry?

If embarrassment was two-faced, these would be the two faces.


If there's any one similarity between Scranton, Pennsylvania and Pawnee, Indiana, it would have to be their residential schmuck.

Scranton's Toby Flenderson just might go down as one of sitcom's most tragic characters. Between divorce, broken necks in Costa Rica, and a love for Pam Beesly that'll never find reciprocation, just about everything that could go wrong in a human life seems to have happened to poor ol' Toby. Worst of all, the one trait he seems to have nailed is self-awareness... which basically means self-loathing when your name is Toby Flenderson.

While Pawnee's Jerry/Garry/Larry/Terry/Lenny/Barry Gergich falls into the same archetype of "bloke getting ragged on whenever possible", his life seems to 180 from Toby's in multiple ways. Despite being Indiana's clumsiest goofball, Jerry seems to have the picture-perfect at-home life; a beautiful wife, three gorgeous children, fulfillment, and of course, the biggest penis Pawnee's doctors had ever seen before.

So how well do you know the lovable losers of the mockumentary sitcom world?

Answers at the end!

1. "Weekends Are For Dreaming"


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