The Office Or Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Said It - Dwight Schrute Or Charles Boyle?

Boyle or Schrute?

The Office Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Both The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine follow a great cast of characters in a work environment as their lives progress over the course of eight or nine years. The main characters of each show are Michael Scott and Jake Peralta respectively, but it is their relationships with the other co-workers that shine the most.

In The Office, Michael Scott is relentlessly annoyed by the pushy, grumpy, and nerdy Dwight Schrute who insists on being second in command, even when he's clearly not. This lends itself to some excellent dialogue and wonderfully funny moments throughout the show. Likewise, Dwight's interactions with Jim Halpert and any of the other cast are always fantastic.

In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the detective Charles Boyle, the best friend of Jake Peralta, is a fan-favourite. Uttering some of the show's best lines and having some of the funniest moments of all, Boyle never fails to entertain while leading some of the more mature and thoughtful storylines.

If a crossover epiosde were to ever happen, it would no doubt be hilarious when Dwight and Boyle met. Do you know them well enough to distinguish who said which line?

1. “Who Is Justice Beaver?”


A grown up... allegedly