The Office Or Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Said It - Jim Halpert Or Jake Peralta?

Which sarcastic goofball said it?

The Office Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Office are two of the most popular sitcoms of recent times. Both shows star in the impressive lineup of iconic NBC sitcoms, and while both sitcoms share the common gene of being a workplace comedy, they also share the same creator in Michael Schur (aka Mose from The Office).

Starting with the cold opens to sarcastic humour and ordinary relatable characters, both comedies push the boundary of sitcom television with their unique identities and, in a way, find common ground in breeding iconic television characters.

Two characters that instantly come to mind are Jim Halpert from The Office and Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Not entirely comparable, they do share some common ground in terms of being sarcastic towards their best friend (and yes, we're confirming Dwight as Jim's best friend). They also are the romantic half of their respective show's primary love stories.

Jim and Jake are also known for delivering some of the most memorable quotes on their respective shows. And whether funny or romantic, fans would argue they remember these iconic lines vividly. So, here's a quiz for their fans. Can you tell Jim Halpert and Jake Peralta apart from these quotes alone?

1. “When Did Everyone Decide To Become An Adult?”


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