The Office Or Parks And Recreation Quiz: Who Said It - Karen Filippelli Or Ann Perkins?

Which one of Rashida Jones' iconic office character said it?

The Office Parks and Recreation

The Office and Parks and Recreation can be considered television twins. The two shows share the exact blueprint from sharing the same broadcasting network to common creators and a lineup of entirely comparable characters. They even share the same sitcom DNA as both shows are documentary-style filmed workplace sitcoms ridden with ordinary characters and relatable humour. With such widely recognised common scenarios, the fans of the two shows are also common and have developed many conspiracy theories over time.

One of those involves Rashida Jones' character from both shows. Fan theories consider Karen Filippelli from The Office and Ann Perkins from Parks and Recreation to be related. Some theories even suggest that Ann is an alternate version of Karen with some tweaks in her personality. And while both of Rashida's characters share different timelines, they share many of the same traits. Impressionable, friendly and a bit of a radiant presence around the office, they are kind of one and the same person.

Karen Filippelli wasn't a titular character like Ann Perkins. However, she made a lasting impression on fans (some still consider her better suited for Jim than Pam). And fan comparisons were bound to arise when the same actor returned to an almost similar show as a Karen-esque character.

So, here's a quiz for fans of Karen and Ann. Can you tell the two characters apart from these quotes alone?

1. "Ever Banged An Entire Bachelorette Party, Baby?"


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