The Office Or Parks And Recreation Quiz: Who Said It - Michael Scott Or Ron Swanson?

Which fan favourite sitcom boss said it?

Michael scott and ron swanson

Whenever you think of iconic NBC shows to watch, the two shows that strike the mind are The Office and Parks and Rec, both produced by legendary TV producer Micheal Schur. The man is a genius for creating both these incredible, thought-provoking shows.

Both shows share the same DNA, from hilarious insight into the suffocating grey aura of a typical American workplace to goofy characters, their antics, ink-black irony and dry sarcasm. And running these weird offices of Scranton and Pawnee are the unique and polar opposite bosses, Michael Scott and Ron Swanson.

Michael loves his job and tries hard to be a better boss every day. He considers the office a family and worries for his employees' happiness, but his stupidity, insensitivity and downright offensive behaviour only aggravates them.

While Ron Swanson is the complete opposite and couldn't care less about what his employees do, and he may run the department, but seems to do the least work, often talking about how corrupt the government is, even though he works for the same.

But what connects these two iconic TV characters is the love from fans, whether you laugh at Michael's downright erroneous cringey misquotes, his hardcore self-destruction, or simply giggle over Swanson's comments on manliness or his kooky love for food, between the two of them they always manage to make fans' smile in their unique uncomfortable way.

So, can you tell these two archetypal bosses apart from their quotes alone?

1. ā€œIā€™m A Simple Man. I Like Pretty, Dark-Haired Women And Breakfast Food.ā€


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