The Office Or Parks And Recreation: Who Said It - Pam Beesly Or Ann Perkins?

From Scranton to Pawnee, can you remember whether it was Ann or Pam who said this?

The Office/Parks And Recreation Quiz

The Office was a huge hit when it arrived in the US on NBC.

Derived from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's UK series, the US version was bigger, louder, and longer than the original. However, it retained the same basic characters and plot of the original series, and one of those was Pam Beesly.

Pam was based on Dawn Tinsley, who was the object of affection from the Office's loveable slacker Tim Canterbury, or Jim Halpert in the US version. What Jenna Fischer had with Pam that Lucy Davis didn't have with Dawn is the time to show her at different points of her life. With Pam, we saw her get married, have children, and eventually leave Dunder Mifflin for pastures new.

Moving forward a couple of years and yet another hit series came around. Parks And Recreation was a show all about idiotic bureaucracy and how a tiny government department interacted with the public.

A member of that public was Ann Perkins, a nurse who initially complained to Leslie about the pit behind her house. The two rapidly became best friends and forged a bond that would see them both through hard times.

Rashida Jones' portrayal as Ann was great and she did seem to be one of the only sane people in the series that was relatable, much in the same way that Pam was at the start of The Office. But just how well do you remember them? Find out here..

1. "I Don't Care What They Say About Me."


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