The Office Quiz: Can You Match The Character To The Actor?

"I am flattered. That's Johnny Depp."

The Office Erin

Steve Carrell was known to audiences for his roles in various lighthearted comedies such as Anchorman and The 40 Year Old Virgin, but it was his role as Michael Scott on The Office that propelled the American actor into the stratosphere of mainstream recognition.

While the odd audience member may have heard of Carrell when the show debuted, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer were a complete unknowns; The Office has become such an indisputable staple of popular culture that they are now arguably amongst the most famous and most instantly recognizable actors on the planet.

As evidenced with the aforementioned trio, a key part of the success of The Office was that the show went in the direction of casting unestablished actors unfamiliar to audiences, so as to more convincingly capture the essence of what makes a real-life workplace tick. As such, many faces on The Office will be familiar to fans, but their off-screen persona may be slightly harder to recall.

Contemporary audiences will by now be familiar with the "big-wigs" that make up the core cast of The Office, but how well can you remember the faces behind some of the more minor characters?

1. Andy Bernard


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