The Office Quiz: Did Jim Do It?

Let's see if you can score 100% at this ultimate Jim quiz!

The Office Jim Halpert

The Office's Jim Halpert is master when it comes to pranks.

From the very first time episode, Jim starts his pranks on Dwight by encasing his stapler in a giant Jell-O. Jim's pranks range from the small things like blocking Dwight's desk drawer to prevent it from opening or creating a fence of pencils to stop Dwight sharing his space.

Then there's the massively thought out pranks like moving Dwight's desk into the bathroom, putting all of Dwight's items in the vending machine and even training Dwight to want an Altoid every time he restarted his computer.

There are times when Jim feels bad about his pranks or tries to stop. When he hears all his different pranks on Dwight listed off at once he feels guilty about it all. When Jim gets promoted to second in command he decides he probably should stop his pranks. Yet, Jim can't help himself and eventually continues his practical jokes.

Jim got up to a lot in his 9 seasons on The Office, the question is can you remember all the things he got up to?

Only the biggest fans of The Office will work out which of these things Jim did. Let's see if you can score 100% at this ultimate Jim quiz!

1. Taught Michael About Fluffy Fingers.


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