The Office Quiz: Dwight Schrute - Finish These Quotes

This man is an island, and this island is volcanic!


Based on the goofy Gareth Keenan from the shows UK counter-part, Dwight takes the reins and has evolved the role to the next level with his foolish office antics and straight-to-the-point personality.

From the obsessive need to be Michael’s right hand man to the hilarious back-and-forth he has with Jim, Dwight lacks all social skills and common sense needed for a work place environment.

There is a definite difference between being Assistant to the Regional Manager, and referring to yourself as Assistant Regional Manager - this little twist on words highlights Dwight’s one-upmanship perfectly. However, Dwight Schrute is at his funniest when blurting out his uncensored train-of-thought, creating all sorts of awkward situations.

How well do you really know the true star of Dunder Mifflin?

Answers at the end!

1. "I Am Better Than You Have Ever Been..."


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