The Office Quiz: Finish These Jim Halpert Quotes

The hardest Jim Halpert quiz on the internet!

The Office Jim Halpert

Jim Halpert is arguably the main character of the American version of the iconic sitcom, The Office. While Steve Carrell's painfully embarrassing boss Michael Scott is seen as the main character, Jim always had the most important and central plot lines. Eventually, when Carrell departed the show in season 7, John Krasinski's Jim took on an even bigger role on the show.

The lovable prankster in the office causes no end of trouble for his co-worker Dwight who, despite his words, actually sort of likes Jim. Throughout The Office, the relationship between the two grew as they started to like each other and with that, came some hilarious moments and interactions between the two. Likewise, Jim and Pam's budding romance brings forth a whole host of wonderfully quotable moments.

Since The Office finished in 2013, Krasinski has moved on to focus more on directing with his hugely successful franchise A Quiet Place, dominating cinemas with both entries, and a third one on the way will undoubtedly keep up the trend.

Can you finish these quotes from the lovable prankster Jim Halpert?

1. "I Am About To Do Something Very Bold At This Job That I've Never Done Before ____."


A grown up... allegedly