The Office Quiz: How Well Do You Remember These Workplace Injuries?

You’ll find Michael Scott recurring a lot in this injury based quiz!

The Office Michael Foot

For a workplace that has so many crazy things going on, it really is a miracle there wasn’t more injuries to file in Toby Flenderson’s log book in The Office: An American Workplace. Most of the injuries that plague our Dunder Mifflin Scranton favourite employees actually occur OUTSIDE of the office.

Sure there was that time Meredith got bitten by a bat because of Dwight Schrute's crazy way of handling the flying intruder and yes, there was that time manager Michael Scott basically caused Stanley Hudson to have a heart attack in the workplace but those moments are surprisingly few and far between.

We’ve omitted those two injuries from the quiz because, well, the more fun stuff happened outside of the office walls. Those include Michael burning his foot at home, Michael running over one of his staff members with his car and Michael knocking a colleague off a ladder. Ok that last one was technically in the warehouse but it’s still outside of the office!

You’ll find Michael Scott recurring a lot in this injury based quiz that's for sure.

Can you remember who suffered these awful injuries and the circumstances behind them?

Answers are at the end!

1. In The Injury Episode, What Does Michael Burn His Foot On?


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