The Office Quiz: Michael Scott - Finish These Quotes

Dwight, you ignorant...


Let’s just be real for a minute, when America tries to remake a classic British comedy, it's normally a train wreck, just see the abysmal US remake of Fawlty Towers. You always seem to lose the quintessential British sarcasm and wit in translation.

However, when they do it right, they do it right, and the US version of The Office soared into unprecedented success. Trading David Brent in for Michael Scott, the equally awkward character hit the nail on the head and helped propel The Office on American soil.

Michael Scott lacks pretty much every basic management skill needed and is as socially inept as his predecessor. Every word he utters is comedy gold in the most awkward of senses – we all know someone like Michael Scott at work.

Instead of ‘that’s what she said’, see if you know what he said. How well do you really remember Michael Scott’s most memorable quotes and catchphrases?

Answers at the end!

1. "I Want People To Be Afraid Of How Much They..."


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