The Office Quiz: Was It My First Line Or Last Line?

Only the biggest Office fans will know these characters first and last lines!

Michael Scott The Office

Throughout television history, you'd be hard pressed to find a remake that was as popular as the US version of The Office. While initially it was dismissed as nothing more than a beat-for-beat recreation of the original UK Office, the show would quickly distance itself from the show it was based on.

The second season moved away from the desaturated and gloomier tone of the UK version and felt more lively and vibrant, resulting in a show that finally felt like it had found its own voice. As a result, the US Office became not only one of the best television remakes but also one of the most popular sitcoms in general.

For nine seasons, audiences watched as the characters grew and evolved, while delivering hilarious one liners and got themselves into absurd and entertaining hijinks. While opinions may be divided on later seasons after Steve Carell's Michael Scott left, the show still managed to deliver a fantastic final episode that remains a highlight of the show.

Even now fans still binge watch the show from front to back, which is something that will definitely help if you want to get 100% on this quiz!

It's time to see if you know whether the following quotes were a characters first or last line!

1. Jim Halpert - "This Stupid, Wonderful, Boring, Amazing Job."


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