The Office Quiz: What Would Dwight Choose?

Can you prove you know all Dwight's decisions? Let's find out!

The Office Dwight

In The Office, there is one employee who wants to be the branch manager at Dunder Mifflin Scranton more than anyone else.

Dwight Schrute desires to be the top dog in his branch. Not only does he become top in sales across the whole company, but he will do anything to get the boss' job.

Despite his love of Michael Scott and his need to please him, Dwight can't help himself when an opportunity comes along to get the job he's always craved. He hatches a plan to go over Michael's head to Jan and sell himself as the new manager of the Scranton branch. Unfortunately, it doesn't go well for Dwight when Michael finds out and makes him do his laundry for him as punishment.

Rainn Wilson's character also decides to plot against Jim too, when he manages to secure a co-manager job. After pairing up with a colleague, Dwight comes up with ways to undermine and mess with Jim, including fixing the Employee of the Month outcome so that Jim would win the bonus.

Though we know Dwight would choose to be branch manager over everything else, do you know what else Dwight would choose? Can you prove you know all Dwight's decisions? Let's find out!

1. What Would Dwight Choose?


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